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Charcoal Soap Detox (6 oz)

Handcrafted at Destiny Boutique since 2007, this premium charcoal soap bar is infused with activated charcoal and a balanced combination of peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Based off of skin-loving fatty oils, this bar is long-lasting and gentle. Shea butter and argan oil add a soothing lather. This bar is specially formulated to gently reach deep into pores to remove unwanted oils and grime.


Hemp Soap (6 oz) 

Hemp seed oil can be described as one of natures most generous in regards to the amount of nutrients and omega fatty acids. Gently Washes skin with a bright scent created with a combination of peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, and tea tree essential oils. Hemp seed oil creates an extremely smooth and slick lather perfect for both the face and body. 


Coffee Soap (6 oz)

Caffeine enriched soap with a slight scrub designed to exfoliate and deliver a healthy dosage of coffee into the skin. Designed to exfoliate and clean in a refreshing manner and to help keep skin clean and clear. Has a mild sweet coffee scent as it is crafted with brewed Kona coffee and finely ground coffee. 


Manuka Soap (6 oz)

Dead Sea Mud has been used for centuries due to its exfoliating abilities. When put in a smooth bar of soap scented with lavender essential oils it creates a thicker lather designed to pull unwanted grime from deep withing pores. 100% Natural way to exfoliate problem areas.