About us

How we came to be 

In 2007, Destiny Boutique emerged from necessity.

Tuula Hukkanen, the Founder, discovered her heightened sensitivity to chemicals commonly found in mainstream cosmetics. Determined to find a solution, she and Ph.D. Martin Hoppe embarked on a journey toward natural formulations.

Dr. Hoppe’s handmade recipe for an all-natural lavender soap became the catalyst for our company’s inception.  Tuula, who had battled eczema for a lifetime, experienced a remarkable transformation after using this natural cold-processed lavender soap. Her dry, sensitive skin found relief in weeks, inspiring her vision for an all-natural soap and beauty company.  

Driven by a passion for natural ingredients and transparency, our founders set out to create high-quality products that would be safe for sensitive skin. Tuula’s personal battle with eczema and the miraculous recovery inspired their vision.

At Destiny Boutique, we continue to blend science, nature, and innovation, ensuring our customers receive skincare solutions that are effective, safe, and environmentally conscious. Our commitment to transparency and high-quality ingredients remains unwavering.

Today, our focus is spreading the word about the importance of natural body care. We’re passionate about our skin-saving products, and our goal is to reach major retailers across the U.S. with our message. In the picture below from 2011 we presented our line to Walmart in the hopes of making clean, natural beauty accessible to everyone! 



Our Mission: Natural Beauty for All

At Destiny Boutique, our mission is clear: to create all-natural products using high-quality ingredients. We are dedicated to keeping even the most sensitive skin clean, clear, and radiant—all while maintaining an affordable price point.