About us

How we came to be 

Destiny Boutique was established in 2007 by Ph.D. Martin Hoppe and CEO Tuula Hukkanen, who had always had an entrepreneurial spirit but was still trying to find her passion when she met her future husband, Martin.
The company originated after a visit to Texas, where the two learned of the hobby of soap crafting. Upon returning home, Dr. Hoppe crafted a handmade recipe that would produce an all-natural lavender soap.

Original Lavender Design

After using this natural batch of soap, Tuula began to notice that her lifetime battle with eczema seemed to have been magically cured.  For years, Tuula had dealt with dry, sensitive skin that was bothered by every other soap product she used.
This had inspired Tuula to open an all-natural soap and beauty company that would strive to deliver products with high-quality ingredients that are safe to use for a variety of skin types. 

After a bit of time, Tuula came up with the idea of making a charcoal soap based on its ability to draw out toxic microparticals.  Although this type of soap was common in Asian and African countries, it was a new concept in America; hence, Dr. Hoppe was skeptical when he first heard about it.  In the end, he agreed to experiment with charcoal in soap and developed a recipe for one of the first charcoal soaps in America that inspired many of the other charcoal products on the market today











Today we are working on getting the message out there about why natural body care is so important, and we hope to get our stuff out there. 



    Everyone at Destiny Boutique strives to make all-natural products using high-quality ingredients to keep even the most sensitive skin clean and clear at an affordable price.