Box of Naked Soap - Freshly Made Natural Cold Processed Soap

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We recently launched an exciting idea we've been working on for a while:

Boxes full of soap made fresh for you!

So many of you have been asking for this.

Our limited soap batches change monthly, ensuring you always receive the freshest products.. 

This month we will offer our all time favorite Charcoal Facial DETOX. 

Each box (8 3/4” x 6 1/2" x 3 3/8") contains seven 6 oz. soap bars and an essential oil that matches the scent of the soap. 

Crafted from pine wood, this packaging choice not only exudes natural aesthetics but also aligns with our eco-conscious values. Unfinished pine wood provides a canvas for your customization—whether you choose to stain, paint, or engrave it, the result will be uniquely yours. Use this versatile box to store cherished items or keep your essentials organized.  

These are Zero-Waste Soaps: These are not wrapped or packaged, making them the most sustainable choice with minimal eco-footprint.  However, choose the option that resonates with you.  We also offer Gift-Wrapped Soaps: These come wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with a string,  accompanied by a heartfelt sentiment and a wooden gift tag.  

This is a great value as with most Cold-Processed soaps, the use of lotions is mostly eliminated. Cold processed soap is moisturizing due to its high natural glycerin content. During the saponification process, glycerin—a desirable humectant—forms as a byproduct. Humectants like glycerin draw moisture into the skin’s top layer, providing deep and lasting hydration.

At Destiny Boutique, our philosophy is simple yet rare & profound: no shortcuts, no compromises, just the ingredients we are proud of. We believe in being 100% great & transparent through the generosity of our ingredients, ensuring that what you see is what you get. Our commitment to crafting 100% natural body care products is unwavering. We steer clear of parabens, synthetic fragrances, harmful surfactants and all the 'scary stuff' that can hide in skincare. Instead, we nourish your skin with nature's finest handcrafted formulas. When you choose Destiny Boutique, you're not just choosing a product; you're choosing integrity, purity, and a promise that we don't hold back. Our promise is to offering you nothing but the best from Nature, because you deserve skincare that's as honest and authentic as you are.